Cooks Academy

Cooks Academy Folder Cover 276x317mm.indd

I spent some time in cooks Cooks Academy this spring brushing up on some new techniques.

To do so I diverted slightly from my typical Paleo roots in order to hone my skills and ultimately bring you even more exciting dishes to the blog!

“It was been a whirl wind of a first week! I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by and how much I have learned in just 5 days! We were told on Day One that it would be action packed and that promise was surely delivered!” Check out my round up of Week One here.

Week Two: A Paleo Blogger Turns Global Gourmet at Cookery School

“We have been all over the world this week from France to Thai land and back with the wines to match!
Boy am I tired!! But, would I give it all up for a duvet day?! Not a chance!
My vocabulary continues to grow on a daily basis as does my hunger for knowledge – not to mention my kitchen wish list!” Read the rest here.

Week 3 passed me by in a blur! Read all about Tweaking Traditional recipes at Cookery School.

Week 4 – Stress and Giddy Nerves Pre-Exam.

During my second month at Cooks Academy I had the opportunity to hone my skills in a fantastic learning environment, learn from fabulous people in the food industry and explore the Kilkenny Food Trail, each day was a new adventure and I am thrilled to be able to tell you that I finished up at Cooks Academy in June with a distinction in Professional Cookery! After 2 days of intensive exams!  I’m really looking forward to sharing my new skills with you all!


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