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The 25 Best Irish Instagram Accounts that will brighten up your feed.

Picture1Contributor to Newstalk’s #GiveInToLiving campaign.
Check out some videos of my recipes that I put together with Newstalk:
How to make tasty Energy Balls
How to make simple Almond Porridge
How to make the Paleo Breakfast Bowl
How to make Crunchy Nut Bars
How to make Cashew Cookie Bars
How to make Perfect Grilled Salmon
How to make Awesome Almond Curry
How to make Clean Boneless Bites

My recipes have been featured many times by Stellar check out some of them here:
10 Healthy Treats that will more than Satisfy your sugar cravings.
5 Deadly Breakfast ideas that will get your day off to the best start.
Good news! Eating this food has been proven to give you a slimmer tummy and legs!
10 Seriously Healthy dishes you can make in 10 minutes of less.

I had the opportunity to compete in the Taste of Success 2015 in association with Lidl Ireland where I reached the final 6 in Dublin with my Gulitfree Banoffee Pie
Watch my episode here! Or check out this short clip!

My Hearty Italian Chicken was featured by Stellar as part of their Top 5 Healthy Meals for €5 – Check it out here! 

Featured as one of the Top 15 Irish Lifestyle and Fitness Accounts to follow

I had the opportunity to sit down with Stellar Magazine to talk about my daily diet and plans for the future – Check out the interview here. 

Featured as part of Lovin Dublin’s Food Porn Photos the week – Check it out here!
I have also contributed a number of recipes to their recipe index.
21 Easy (But delicious) Packed Lunch ideas for Work Tomorrow

Regular contributor to – Check out some of my recipes here

Spend 3 minutes getting to know me in Irish Country Magazine

Contributor to Ireland’s newest Food & Drink website Savour
Check out my exclusive recipes here.

urlMy Blissfully Guilt-Free Banoffee Pie featured as part of’s Sunday Sweet Treat section, receiving in excess of one thousand shares within 24 hours of the post going live.

Along with this my Zesty Orange and Dark Chocolate scones were also featured here.

whole30My Asian Style Pork Belly was featured by Whole 30’s Wholesome newsletter.  Following this I took over their Instagram account for a week of Guest Blogging in October 2014 and again in November 2015.


Paleo Recipes World featured my Clean Boneless Bites; commenting “Who needs KFC when this guilt-free alternative is on offer!” Which you can check it out here.

Since then many more of my recipes have been featured on their site: My OMG Paleo Cookies, Sesame Toast & Avocado Bacon Fries.

Dr.Coy’s Blog: Best 5 Healthy Irish Food bloggers


Contributor to The Paleo Pot Luck App.

Member of the Irish Food Bloggers Association & the Irish Bloggers Association.

I am currently working on some new and exciting projects… Watch this space!! 

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